Joonas at Alakara

Habaaaari Steffie
Pole pole pole pole it took me so godamn long for this, I'm a forgetful creature. But here it finaly is! How are you, Smith, dada and things? I'm almost done with my thesis so soon I'm part of functioning republic of Finland. Feels like being a grown up, allthough I shall be Peter Pan forever.
I took a matatu from Kakamega to Bungoma, where I was greeted by Stefanie. She handed me over to honorable mr. Smith, with whom we started our journey for the childrens home in Busia County (sry can't rember the exact name of the place). He arranged us a driver, and he took through the roads leading for the hills. Once we started climbing up I saw the beauty of the area; vast plains as far as the eye can see all the way to Uganda.
When we arrived at the children home I was greeted by smiles of the children, who were very curious about my visit. We had dinner together, ugali of course, and sat together outside under the stars. I was givend a bed in my own, traditionally built hut, and the next morning the children took my up the hill to see the holy caves, which were known all across Kenya. Upon climbing I saw some of the most spectacular views in my whole life; the vastness of the beautiful countryside outside of cities and towns which too many of us miss on our visits. Conversations with the children and the workers there
gave me a glimpse of the life on the other side, and those stories I shall never forget.
Definetly worth a visit, and a return.

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